What Makes A House A Home?

What Makes A House A Home?

A house is never synonymous with home. By the term house, we refer to any building, but a home is a shelter and our comfort zone. The meaning of home is much more than a building. But what exactly are the factors that transform a house into a home?
Home is a place that we create for ourselves. Listed below are some aspects that lead to the creation of homes:

What Makes A House A Home?
What Makes A House A Home?

The People Who Live With Us In House

Imagine a place where your kids are playing outside on the lawn; your husband is watching television and a cat who is napping at the doorstep. Everyone is busy with their own lives, yet connected to each other in every way. In such a setup, any building, big or small, will feel like home.

The Familiar Sounds In House

Living in a house full of people will automatically be noisy and at times, chaotic. For instance, starting from the sound of the television, your kids’ screams, dog barking to the sound of utensils in your kitchen. All these echo a sound of togetherness which need not be soothing always, but without which your house isn’t home.

The Soothing Silence In House

There comes a time when you are all alone at your home. There is a blissful silence that surrounds you. Everyone is asleep or silently engaged in their personal activities. You take a deep breath by the window and sigh with a feeling of contentment and peacefulness. Isn’t that a perfect moment at your cozy home?

The Fragrance Of Food

What is home without food? There is a different bliss of cooking and eating together with your family at home. The smell of fresh fruits and vegetables, the aroma of cooking to the fragrance of freshly baked cakes, you can sense the smell of home.

Comfortable Corners

Every one of us has a favorite place or a corner at home. It may be the comfortable couch by the window, a cozy reading room, or for that matter, your balcony. Such cozy corners are like your go-to place whenever you seek for some respite or recreation. You can let yourself loose there and have your me-time.

The Set Rituals Or Schedules

Every family has certain rituals or activities set for specific days. For instance, watching movies on your TV during weekends, having to get together parties occasionally or even the birthday celebrations. All these make your life more lively and your place more homely.

The Memories You Create

Every day, every moment with your family is precious. Your home witnesses each and every aspect of all its inhabitants. Everything leaves an impression on your home as well as your mind. For instance, there may be physical memories of your child’s painting on your walls or maybe the living room where you had a blissful get together. All these memories leave their imprints on your home.

What Makes A House A Home?

The Collections

There may be a picture of your graduation day or say a showpiece you bought while traveling somewhere. It might also be an old painting that you yourself prepared during your college days. All such small items from different phases of your life enhance the feel of your home.

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