Western Home Decor – Give Your House a Look of the Frontier

modern western home decor

Western colors and elements such as horses, cattle, ranch houses, and the rodeo just add to the charm of the western theme. In fact, you can often use western home decor in any room or area of your home where you enjoy the Western type of decor.

Start With Your Walls

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When looking for western home decor, you need to start with your walls. These are often painted red to represent the west and the cattle that help bring it all together. Western accents are often found in these rooms as well including cowboy figurines, decorative pillows, and wall art featuring western scenes. If you have an old ranch house that you want to convert into western style, consider making the transition with western accents.

The western decor in your bedroom offers more than just western colors and accents. A beautiful bedspread featuring colorful western scenes can really help you get in the mood. Find an old western comforter set that has colorful patterns and western designs. The colorful look is perfect to get you in the mood for a night on the town. Try using western lamps to provide some extra western lighting.

Another western touch you can add to your bedroom is a bed skirt adorned with western flower garlands. Using flower garlands is not just a decoration; it also helps to add softness and beauty to your bed. Western themed comforters are also available with western themes and can be used in your bedroom as well. Try using one of these comforters with an old western picture frame on the wall to complete your western home decor.

If you wish to add western touches to your bathroom, there are many items you can choose from. Try purchasing an old western tub and adding some soapstone soap dispensers along with a wooden rack for holding your toothbrush and other accessories. Adding a small western shower curtain and a few decorative pieces along with your bathroom bathtub can make your bathroom very appealing. Try looking for an antique wooden toilet seat. These toilet seats have a unique look that is not commonly found among modern day bathroom options.

You do not have to live near a frontier to appreciate the western theme. You can incorporate western home decor into all parts of your life. For example, you can use western decor throughout the furniture in your living room. Use an Indian themed rug to give your living room a rustic feel, or place a couple of cowboy figurines on top of your coffee table to give your home the kick it wants.

Bottom Lines 

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

Using western home decor is a great way to make any room in your house reflect a simpler time. You will immediately add a sense of adventure and fun to any space with this theme. You can add the feeling of “the wild west” to any part of your house with this one design element. Give your entire house this look by using western home decor. You will be amazed at how easy it is to bring the wild west into every room of your home.

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