Usage Of Kitchen Design Floor Plans In House Design

Usage Of Kitchen Design Floor Plans in House Design

There are so many kitchen designs available today. The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in any home, but often overlooked when it comes to House Floor Plans. Often, people get caught up in making a great design for their kitchen and overlook the important parts of their floor plan, as well. Here are five important parts of a kitchen floor plan:

Area Ranges – If you have an extremely small or large space, then this is one of the most important aspects of a kitchen floor plan. Many homes use a set of no-wide, no-deep kitchen design, which gives a lot of “dead” space in your kitchen. You will want to select a no-wide kitchen design that has large open spaces, such as one with no-wide doors and no-deep cabinets.

Different Types Of Kitchen Design

Shelving – Choosing shelving can be important. It can make all the difference when trying to get the right amount of storage for your kitchen, and a good place to place kitchen items in too. However, there are many different types of shelving you can choose from, such as:

Different House Floor Plans To Give Your Home A Different Look
Different House Floor Plans To Give Your Home A Different Look

Countertop – countertops come in many different types. You may choose from: flat, corner, round, square, raised, flat edge, and etc. It’s important to consider how your countertop will fit into your kitchen design, as you want it to be a design element, rather than just a utilitarian part of your kitchen design.

Cabinets – Cabinets are a very important part of any kitchen design. It’s important to consider the style of cabinets that will suit your kitchen best. You can choose from: sliding, built-in, raised, portable, and etc. You can also choose from opening, enclosed, raised panel, thin wall, open-air and etc.

The Type Of Kitchen Design You Want

Options – Every kitchen design will vary from person to person and what is important is to consider what type of options you want. Options include open spaces, deep, wide spaces, high cabinet positions, low cabinet positions, height, etc. It’s important to consider these options as they will all play a role in your design.

Lighting – Lighting plays a big part in home design and will play a bigger role in a floor plan. You’ll want to make sure that your lighting provides for both practicality and aesthetics. The more you plan out your lighting, the better it will look when you’re finished.

Ceiling lighting is a popular choice, especially in smaller spaces, as it provides for versatility in your design. However, if you want to make your space more private, you can use more open floor plan lighting, as well as in larger spaces.

Different House Floor Plans To Give Your Home A Different Look
Different House Floor Plans To Give Your Home A Different Look

Two Types Of Floor Plans

Floor Space – There are two main types of Floor Plans, namely: flat and raised. Flat floor plans give for lots of free space, while raised floor plans give for a lot of storage.

FootPrints – the floor plan of your kitchen can determine where your furniture will sit. You can decide to sit on your kitchen cabinets higher up on the floor if you want to make them “eye-level” with your sink. You can also choose to have them higher down on the floor or lower down, depending on the design of your kitchen.

Bathroom – In a floor plan, it’s important to note that bathrooms and kitchens are two different things. The space for the bathroom can include faucet, vanity area, washstand, pedestal, and bathtub.

Bottom Line

Take the time to consider all of these elements when creating your kitchen design. This will help you have a unique design that will make your guests happy when they enter your home.

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