Some Home decor staging and interior design

A bedroom with a bed and a window

One always wants their place of living to be the very best, even in a budget simple decor staging and interior design can bring a major effect on the aura of the room, no wonder both of these play such a major role in setting up a place. The two aspects of home design have similar goals, enhancing the appearance of a house.

Home staging

A living room filled with furniture on top of a wooden floor

Home staging focuses on highlighting the best features of a room, done to make it more appealing especially to potential buyers. It makes the house appear intricate and be worth more money. It can act as a powerful marketing tool if used properly. Home staging generally uses the method of interior designing to achieve the best and the most attractive result. 

It also takes in the aspect of ensuring a neutral space where a buyer can imagine living while also keeping it attractive and alluring to them.

Interior designing

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

One of the first things we notice in a room is the design and how it looks and feels. All of these are achieved through interior designing; it focuses on improving the looks, appearance of the room. It acts as a home improvement strategy by changing the colour patterns, accessories, artwork and designing it according to the needs of the occupant.

Interior designers work closely with their clients until the work is under progress to ensure proper personalisation and achieving what they have in mind. It’s also extremely important considering the work done would be part of their living space for the long term.

Key differences 

For a layman, these terms are often interchangeable; even on a cursory google search, the words show up to be synonymous. However, it’s important to know what are your needs and pick appropriately.

Firstly home decor staging is when you need your space professionally set up for a temporary term; to make it look appealing for sale, a stager offers accessories and props that might make the room look modern and larger than it is.

On the other hand, interior designers work to personalize your living space according to your style. The products and accessories purchased would be a long term investment. 

While staging a property, the designer always takes in the factors related to interior designing as both follow the same process but with different end goals. While home staging, the designer is free to call the shots keeping into consideration the trends and the place; however, the interior designer will always need the final approval of the owner as in the end, the owner will be living in the said space. 


Both stagers and designers have an overlapping but important job, making a place aesthetic and seemingly better to live in. however, it’s always important to pick according to your needs for they both specialise in different areas and a different field. When the purpose of redoing a room is different, so are the people meant for it.

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