Smart Home Vivint Hub: Advanced Smart Home

Smart Hub: The Most Advanced Smart Home Security Hub Available

The Basics About Smart Hub

•    Many of us are moving towards the ‘smart house’ look, and all you need is a Smart Home Vivint hub. The question is- what is this intelligent Hub?

•     A smart hub is a touchscreen device that connects all your smart devices in one coherent working system. A significant advantage is its easy accessibility from any location.

•    The Vivant Smart Hub system allows you to access multiple functions from one spot. You can lock your doors, adjust your room temperature, monitor through your feed, and even access your security systems.

•    The Vivint Smart Hub us the ideal communication mode device which provides 24/7 connection and access.

•    In case of an emergency, the tool automatically sends you a notification or a call. You can also access your smart device to call during emergencies.

8 Best Features Of Smart Hub:

It is so much convenient to access and monitor your home from anywhere. The Vivint holds advanced features that give you a safe and secure environment in your absence. Here are a few advanced features they provide:

1. A 7 Inch Smart Screen With HD Touch Sensor:

This touch feature gives you a convenient mode of access to your house. You get a crisp and clear HD clarity that enables you to scan every corner of your home.

2. A Two-Way Walkie Talkie:

The Vivint Smart Hub comes with an in-built microphone. You can have an emergency conversation with the visitor. In addition to this, you can also hear every noise that occurs at your place.

3. Status LED Signal Connection:

Smart Hub: The Most Advanced Smart Home Security Hub Available
Smart Hub: The Most Advanced Smart Home Security Hub Available

If you are wondering about the mishaps involved in installing a Smart Hub, no worries as the LED status notifies security. This feature beeps orange when armed and green when disarmed.

4. Encrypted Signals With Cellular Connectivity:

You can keep your smart home connected through Smart Hub’s wireless feature. This feature also helps in keeping you footage videos, recordings, and cameras from cyber-attacks and online reaches.

5. 24/7 Battery Backup:

Vivint Smart Hun provides you with 24/7 battery backup for your cellular connection. Even if you are hit by a storm and you lose your internet access, your Smart Hub will still function. At times, your Wi-Fi might annoy you, but The Smart Hub never fails with its battery backup and cellular connection.

6. Smart Home Vivint: A Touch To Contact Emergency Services

If you have an emergency, you are just a touch away. The panic button sends an immediate response and you remain in touch with the station or any of the emergency services.

7. Smart Home Vivint: Control Of The Device From A Single Location

Smart Hub: The Most Advanced Smart Home Security Hub Available
Smart Hub: The Most Advanced Smart Home Security Hub Available

One of the best features of Vivint Smart Hub is its ability to access all of your smart devices from one spot. You can bid goodbye to those nights wondering whether you’ve turned off your lights or turned on your security system. You can control your lights and even the garage door from your room through the Hub.

8. Smart Home Vivint: Gives Loud Siren Alarm

The fear of not hearing the alarm gets a new route with Smart Huns’s 100 decibels siren alarm feature. So in case of fire, the presence of carbon monoxide trips the signal, and the sound gets everyone’s attention.

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