Modern Indian Home Decor – Get The Latest Trends In Indian Style Living Rooms

modern indian home decor

The wonderful world of Indian home decor is full of so many beautiful designs that it can be very hard to choose just one. There are different styles, colors and patterns available and each of them is a representation of the tradition and culture of the people in India. So, it’s no wonder that there are so many ideas available for making your home look beautiful and welcoming. Many people are looking for the best ways to make their homes unique and modern while at the same time retaining the Indian touch that everyone is so familiar with. Here are some ideas of what you can do to make your Indian home decor special.

Living Or Drawing Room Decoration

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There are lots of things you can do with your living or drawing room decoration to make it look amazing. You will first need to choose the color schemes which will highlight the beauty of your home. For this you will first have to decide whether you are going to keep the room traditionally Indian or modern. If you choose to keep traditional Indian interior you can have a wall tapestry or picture of Lord Krishna hanging on the wall depicting him as a devotional figure.

These are some simple ideas that you can incorporate in your modern Indian home decor. As already mentioned you should keep in mind the age of your house and not just the interior design style. Your modern interiors should reflect the age of the house and not the other way round. The style of your interior’s should be in harmony with the exterior and architecture of the house.

Pool Room

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A pool room is a small corner in the front portion of the house usually used as a meditation or prayer room. There are various styles of pool rooms available from simple wooden constructions to ornate marble and granite ones. In the traditional decor, a carpeted floor was placed along with four pillars made of wood. The carpet could either be made of cotton or silk. An area for a statue of Lord Brahma was also kept in this room along with a cupola.

Home Stagers

Home stagers are the most important persons involved in the selling of houses in India. They arrange the different parts of the house for showing. Along with these home stagers also give guidelines to the buyers on how to decorate the interiors according to the space available. An open fireplace is an important feature in modern Indian home decoration ideas. The living room and dining rooms of the house are decorated with beautiful carpets and wall hangings.

Sometimes Indian style of decorating includes using the Mughal style of tiles on the walls. There are also different types of rugs and wall hangings made of gold and silver. This is one type of modern Indian home interior design that shows the rich taste of the people who are into this business.

Last Words

You can create your own online site about your ideas and take orders for various home decor products through Indian homes online store. You will be able to get all the assistance from the expert designers and professionals. If you search for the internet sites of the traditional Indian craftsmen then you will also come across their online sites. You can choose the products you like from their online catalogues and place your orders from their online site.

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