Modern Home Decor Fabric Choices

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There are many different types of modern home decor fabric on the market and they are very decorative. Before you begin shopping for these decorating fabrics you will need to consider your budget. Modern Home Decor Fabric is generally used to decorate contemporary homes. They are designed to add elegance and sophistication. They do not necessarily match the other decor in a home but are rather stand alone pieces that blend in with any modern home decor theme.

In many cases there is no need to bring in more traditional decor pieces. Modern Home Decor Fabric comes in many different styles. Some of the most popular are; distressed, stenciled, print, shag, chenille, striped, flocked, seersucker, silk, brocade and brushed cotton. Each of these has its own unique feel and look that is unique only to them.

Distressed And Stenciled

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Distressed and stenciled modern home decor fabric is generally from the early 80’s and looks like an old faded poster. It still has a texture to it and is bright white. Stenciled fabrics can be purchased by the foot or by the entire blanket. They are easy to make at home by applying stenciling techniques onto a piece of cardboard and then cutting out various shapes. These types of modern home decor fabric can be used to create window treatments, throw pillows and tablecloths.

A Print is a large, framed piece of modern home decor that is made from either paper or fabric. They are made of high quality and are easily cleaned. They also last for years if they are properly cared for. Many prints are from famous designers and paintings.


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Shag is a form of chenille and is popular for the home decor fabric of country style rooms. They are made by applying shag to a backing and then adding various shapes and colors. They add interest and texture to any room. They are best cleaned with a damp cloth. You can purchase this type of fabric at department stores such as Ikea.

A Stripes is an updated variation on the chenille. They are made of woven fabric and come in many different colors and patterns. This type of modern home decor fabric is very feminine and adds warmth and interest to any room. There are several different types of strips, and they include; shawl strips, basting strips, panel strips and valence strips.


Brocade is a modern home decor fabric that is easy to care for. This type of fabric is made by pressing leaves together and then weaving them into cloth. It is a versatile type of fabric that can be used for a variety of applications. It can be found in many patterns and colors and is often used to create curtains and pillows. To make pillows or curtains you can use this type of fabric, or even use a combination of several different styles of modern home decor fabric.

The velvet fabric is a very soft and smooth fabric. It is often used for window treatments and throws. There are many different grades and textures for this type of fabric. You will often find it used in formal settings, such as theaters. A high quality, well made velvet fabric can last for decades without fading.

Embroidered Fabrics

Embroidered fabrics are also popular for modern home decor items. This is a type of decor fabric that has a decorative woven edge around it. These types of fabrics can be used for pillows, cushions and other decorative touches. They can be found in many different colors, patterns and textures. Embroidery can give a decorative touch to any home.

The reflective surface is another type of decorative fabric. This type of fabric is perfect for wall decorations and accents. It can be found in many different colors, styles and textures. Some modern home decor items that make good choices for wall decor mirrors, modern blinds and sconces, tablecloths and table runners. Wall hangings and pictures also make great modern home decor items.

Final Words 

Modern decorating themes are always changing. If you want to stay on top of the latest trends, it might be a good idea to keep an eye on fashion magazines and home decor magazines. You will be able to see what type of decorations will be popular when decorating your home. The great thing about these types of accessories is that you can be creative with them. Remember, it doesn’t hurt to have some fun with decorating!

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