Mid Century Modern Home Decor

mid century modern home decor

Mid-century modern home decor is a clean and refined look of simplicity paired with raw elegance and bold flair. If you’re looking to add a fresh perspective on your home decor, it’s time to look into vintage finds. Since it’s mid-century modern, there’s nothing wrong with that! In fact, it can be an extremely stylish and fresh look to a home today. To pull off your mid-century modern home decor, source such like the era furnishings and fabrics in small doses for a tasteful, light-hearted approach to staying away from a heavy-duty kitschy kitsch approach.

The space above, save for a single throw pillow and statement-making drapes, is almost print free while still homing in on a light, crisp, clean color palette to keep things fresh and new. The walls, as always, are bare and crisp with a few decorative throw pillows and mid century modern artwork framed in fine, magnificently engraved frames. A couple of pillows and decorative pieces on either side of the bed will add height to the mid century modern bedroom without being too bold or garish. Mid Century Modern Furniture Don’t Cost a Fortune! And Great For Less Than $200!

Keeping Things Simple Yet Energizing

A bedroom with a large bed sitting in a room

Mid-century modern homes are all about keeping things simple yet chic and energizing. That’s why so many mid-century modern home decor styles utilize such beautiful and unique furnishing options. Glass accents, such as frosted glass vases and bird cage candle holders, are very popular in this style of decor. This lends an air of mystery to the home decor, while creating a warm and inviting ambiance. If you don’t like the frosted glass accents, try using other types of glass such as clear glass table lamps, or stained glass wall art.

Simplistic Approach To Color Selection And Material Selection

A close up of a sink

Another popular element of mid century modern home decor is a very simplistic approach to color selection and material selection. Black and white fabrics abound in this era. If you can find solid blacks with just a touch of splashes of other colors, that is perfect. Try using a solid blue carpet or wood floors. White knick knacks, including monogrammed metal and crystal embellishments, are also common in this era. Mid-century design elements, such as geometric shapes and shiny metals, really set off this look.

Color Choices Are Extremely Limited In This Era

You can do some things however that will make your mid-century modern home decor special and stand out from the rest. For example, try using white appliances in your black and white kitchen. Try adding some red accents in the form of red table lamps or red accent chairs. Red is a great color when it comes to mixing and matching.

Bottom Line

One way that you can bring this decor into your home is by choosing simple pieces of furniture. This way, you can be sure that every piece you choose will be easily able to match with each other. Of course, there is nothing wrong with going all out and getting a mid-century modern house. After all, this is supposed to be a statement of your personality. It is supposed to be a showcase of your boldness and beauty. Just remember to keep it simple.

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