How to Create High Quality Art With Heirloom Traditions Paint

heirloom traditions paint

No Wax, No Chalk, No Flakes, No Stick Paint – Built-in Primer, Flat Paint & Flat Wax available in 25 European inspired colours Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, showers, flooring & more. Heirloom Traditions Paint is AMAZING what even a small brush with some paint can accomplish. With all-in-one paint, it is as simple as Just Paint! Transform everything in and around your home with one convenient use of the product. Ideal for rugged surfaces such as cabinets, countertops, tabletops, doors & more because of built-in protective flat paint & high gloss topcoat.

Lead-Free Solution

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The old standbys in the painting world are heirloom traditions paint, chalk and lead-free painting. These tried and true products are still a fan favourite for many homeowners for many reasons. They are economical, easy to work with, and great for the environment. Painted finishes are safer than varnished finishes, especially in kitchens and bathrooms because they seal the surface. They will not peel up like paint chips or get dull like old-style lead-free painting.

Award-Winning Product

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Heirloom traditions paint offers both heirloom traditions paint and heirloom chalk paint in their line of award-winning products. The products are designed to be compatible with just about any surface. Simply apply the primer and then the heirloom traditions paint and finish your project in just minutes. Both chalk and paint offer the same amazing sheen and durability as other brand name products that are just a fraction of the cost.

Allows Multiple Coats

Hielyox chalk and Heirloom traditions paint topcoats in two coats so you can choose to do a single coat or multiple coats as you wish. Helix offers a great selection of colours and finishes so there will be something to match your decorating needs. If you wish to just paint the project and leave it like that, you can purchase a simple white topcoat. The second coat is available as an accent coat to create a unique look. Many of the accent colours and patterns come with stencils that allow you to create your own personal designs on the boards.

Plethora Of Colour Choices

If you are using a single coat, then simply apply the white paint and a coordinating accent colour. For the accents choose a bold pattern or stencil. Then simply brush the entire board with the chalkboard style borderlines, making sure that you allow some room for the white paint to cover the board completely. Once you are satisfied with your project, you can always add a coat of primer on top of the painted board to seal it and keep it looking new.

Variety Of Painting Ideas

Using a foam roller and small brush, gently paint the patterns, stencils and other design features to create your unique piece. Be sure to let all of the paint dry thoroughly before you apply the final coat of paint. You can apply a finishing touch by lightly sanding the painted area. This will help bring out the details in your design.

Wrapping Up

In addition to learning how to paint with chalk, you will also need to learn how to apply a wax coating. A quality wax coating provides excellent protection from the elements. After applying the wax coat, allow your painting surface to dry completely before using it again to ensure superior results.

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