How to Create Functional and Industrial Home Decor - How to Create Functional and Industrial Home Decor -

How to Create Functional and Industrial Home Decor

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Industrial designers take full advantage of new technologies to create unique themes for their clients. The result is an integrated theme that adds character to any home. You will often see these themes applied in public buildings such as restaurants, garages, hospitals and warehouses. You can incorporate them in your own home as well, especially if you’re redecorating. Here are some ideas on how to create a modern industrial theme for your own home.

Use A Mosaic Theme

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If you have a large industrial space with exposed brick and concrete walls, you can use a mosaic theme that mixes and matches textures to add interest to the space. A few splashes of color can do the trick, while still maintaining a modern industrial design look. An accent wall with exposed industrial materials would work well while still leaving the remainder of the room modern, too. So, you’d actually end up with a modern industrial home decor.

Recessed lighting can really brighten up an industrial style decor. You can install fixtures that are recessed into the ceiling or wall to give the illusion of ceiling fans or other interior features that aren’t really there. With these accents, you have the flexibility to create any look that works for you. One common theme you might find is that of an industrial warehouse. Here, industrial decorating ideas like metal wall sconces and ceiling mounted fans are used to make the place appear larger and more airy.

Great Idea For Industrial Decorating Ideas

Another great idea for industrial decorating ideas is the use of large prints and photos of actual products or companies. You can purchase vinyl decals to cover the walls and windows and then stick pictures of your choice in the spaces between those decals. Using photos that are of your company’s products or logo helps set the right tone for the interior design and even sets up your office as a work environment, too. The type of photos you choose should be large enough to be comfortable to look at but not too large to cover the entire space. If the photos are large, they can also serve as your company’s background when employees are working on their computers.

Choices For Furniture

When you have a modern home design, the choices for furniture often take center stage. While traditional styles are often associated with work environments that include a desk, filing cabinets, and a few chairs, today’s modern industrial style looks much different. Instead of traditional styles, you can opt for modular furniture, which has units that can be moved around without damaging them. This type of furniture also saves space because it can be easily broken down and stacked when it’s not in use.

Last Words

For those who are interested in using industrial decor but don’t want to invest too much money in custom furnishings, there are a variety of affordable yet effective solutions. There are large selections of quality furniture stores that offer a huge selection of work spaces at affordable prices. You can also find interesting and unique pieces from online industrial decor shops. If you’re planning on making a complete interior overhaul, consider having a professional do the job. They will love giving your industrial decorating a thorough professional review, and they’ll know exactly what elements you need to include in order to create the perfect modern workplace.

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