House Floor Plans: How To Plan It?

House Floor Plans: How To Plan It?

Scaled aerial views of houses or buildings are called house floor plans. House floor plans can design an entire building, a single floor or a single room. Moreover, it includes measurements, dimensions, furniture, and appliances too. The main reason behind having floor plans it to design the layout of empty space. The wiring system, furniture layout and much more can be planned along with the floor plans.

House Floor Plans: How To Plan It?
House Floor Plans: How To Plan It?

What Are The Main Advantages Of Designing House Floor Plans?                                                                                        

Flexibility: While planning the floor plans of a house, it is important to keep the outline flexible. An office can easily turn into a kid’s bedroom, while a study room can turn into a library. 

Proper Room Positioning: While planning the layout of houses, make sure the room is positioned well. The bedroom must have sufficient space, while bathrooms should not face the living room or any other entertainment space. Many prefer having the kitchen open to the dining room or living room. This helps them to keep themselves entertained while working too.

Size: While designing the room layout, keep in mind the space that you require. The number of furniture to be accommodated and the occupancy of a house or a building. If you are someone who plans parties very frequently, try to plan a wide space entertainment room.

Enough Space To Move: Make sure your room layout has enough space to move about. If you work from home, plan your office in such a way that it has big windows to keep your room airy and sunny. Your master bedroom should also have sufficient space for a dressing table and cupboards along with a king-sized bed.

How To Sketch House Floor Plans?

Select An Area: Select a particular area, where the planning has to be done. Think about different design layouts and based on that choose a size and area.

Measurements And Dimensions: If the building preexists, take a proper measurement of the walls and doors. Taking accurate measurements is a must before going in for construction. It is advised to examine the building surroundings carefully before executing the floor plans.  Add the walls for each room, and scale them carefully. Additional and special features can be added if desired.

Add Furniture: Add the furniture positions if required.

How To Measure A Floor Plan?

Measure The Level Of Accuracy

Measure the approximate size of the building and the interior layout. Take the wall length measurements too. Be very precise on the remodel. Plan the markings in a rough sheet before going for a blueprint.

Doors And Windows

Measure the doors and windows from edge to edge. Position the frames accordingly and take their height measurements. Measure the electrical switch outlets so that you can place the drawers and cabinets accordingly.

House Floor Plans: How To Plan It?
House Floor Plans: How To Plan It?

Elevation Draw

Wall to wall and floor to ceiling measurement gives your house floor plan an overhead view. Mark the elevations carefully. 

A few floor plan examples include:





Office spaces and other facilities.

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