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People nowadays are familiar with the concept of renting furniture. But if you lack information in this case, then this is the briefing you need before going further. So as you have a basic knowledge of what this thing is, let’s see what kind of furniture you would prefer for your short-term house, purchasing from Home Design And Decor Shop.

Home Design And Decor Shop – Sofas

Sofas are the basic and the foremost thing in a living room. It’s like the drawing-room is incomplete without a sofa. But when you go for renting a sofa, you get many options like 3 seater sofa or 5 seater sofa or small like 1 seater sofas. The price of these sofas varies according to their size. So before going for renting a sofa, decide what size would be fit for your living room and the purpose of renting like for example if you are renting a sofa for normal daily use then any size would do but in case you are renting it while you have a party at your place, then go for a big one so that your guest would be comfortable and enjoy themselves.

Home Design And Decor Shop – Table


Basically here the reference is about the sofa table or otherwise known as the center table. People go for center tables cause it complements the sofas very well as well they can keep teacups or glasses while serving the guest. Even while renting also you can go for the center tables that complement your sofa cause a variety of options are available.

Home Design And Decor Shop – Recliner

This is something new that would add charm to your living room. Recliners are comfortable chairs that come in a single piece. But they are considered as the most comfortable thing in the whole of the chair family and it gives you an option to provide comfort to your old age guests with these chairs. It also gives a funky look to the living room. So if you are opting for furniture for rent then surely add a recliner in your list for the living room.

Home Design And Decor Shop – Tv table

This is one of the foremost things in the living room cause even if you have the option of mounting your TV to the wall, you need to keep the set-up box as well the tv remote on something, and keeping it at any place may lead to misplacing of things. So don’t forget to rent a TV table too.

Home Design And Decor Shop – Dining set

A living room filled with furniture on top of a hard wood floor

This thing is completely optional because sometimes when people opt for houses with attached living rooms and dining rooms, they will need to rent a dining set consisting of a dining table and chairs. But if your house has 2 different rooms for dining as well as living room then you can surely strike it out.


There is a concept in metro cities of renting furniture where you can rent furniture for your home for some period of time by giving a certain amount of money. Basically people with job profession like guest professors, students, fresher and surgeon, who are on a verge of traveling they prefer furniture on rent. 

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