Give Your Home a Standout and a Fresh Look of an Educational Yet Fun Travel Map of the World!

One of the essential things to consider when moving into a new house is the walls of the new home.  Many people just avoid the walls and get high-quality furniture and other things. But what most of us don’t know is that a room or a house looks beautiful when the walls of that house are beautiful. So, to help you make your wall beautiful and unique, we got you world map wall stickers for your wall. It can make your wall look unique as well as attractive to your guests.

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Its Specifications:

Model Numberworld travel map

Censor Codeworld travel map


Size82.5×59.4 cm

Type1world travel map

Type2world map

Type3Scratch Off World Map

Type4Scratch Map

Type5Black world map

Type6Black map

Type7Wall Stickers

Type8Room Home Office Decoration



Wide Functions:

World map stickers are not only for your house wall; you can also use this amazing sticker at your office for decoration purposes. If you love traveling or your company is about travel, you can display these world map wall stickers that show your interest in traveling.


it is 100% eco-friendly made of paper. It doesn’t pollute your environment; it is not at all harmful to the environment. So, get them today!


It is not like any other decorative item that can cost you a big amount of money. You need a few pennies to get these fantastic stickers. It is available in different colors, shapes, and sizes. To get a wide variety of options, you can shop for them online. You can search for different decorations items online.There are a wide range of options available in different sizes, colors and patterns.

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If it comes in contact with rain or water, the paper stickers will tear up. They are not made for long-term use.You need to change stickers in months or in a few days. To maintain the beauty of the home one needs to take care of the stickers a swell. Try to save them from coming in contact with water.


That’s all folks! These are the specifications, pros and cons of world map wall stickers. After reading tes epoints, you must be pretty much convinced to get it for your room walls.It is not limited to house walls, you can get it for your residential building office and so on.  In order to get the wide options, try to get them online. You can also get it from a nearby store, but to save money, shopping online would be the best option.

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