Five Modern Decor Items for Every Home

A living room

A beautiful home is the dream of everybody. These home decor objects will bring that dream to reality. 


A lamp that is lit up at night

Weather table lamps, floor lamps or even chandeliers, apart from providing lighting could provide some aesthetic value. Decorative lighting creates an ambience that doesn’t just have the ability to beautify but could have an impact even on mood. Some of the factors to consider while choosing a lamp includes; the lamp has to complement your other decoration as the lighting is a part of a whole, the shades, texture and colour of lamps and lighting, the lamps height is also a factor to consider depending and where it would be used and what is will be used for, and ultimately proper placement to provide the required effect. 

Photo Frame/Potted Plant

photo frame

Photo frames could help you relive moments, it doesn’t just make the home beautiful but has an effect on the mood and mind of both those living in the house and visitors. Photo frames which comes in various sizes, shapes, and designs should be selected with a particular theme in mind; the message you want to pass across. They seem to be a message in every photo frame. Photo frame could be used to add beauty to an otherwise plain wall.

Cushion Cover

You might be surprised to find cushion cover as a modern home decor object because individuals tend to overlook how cushion covers in home decoration. Cushion covers do an awesome job in interior decor no matter the size of the cushion. Some considerations before getting your cushion cover includes; type and quality of materials, color, size, design, texture, pattern as the cushion cover lends a voice to the overall theme of the decor.  

Wall Art/Paint

Artwork or paintings helps define the home owner’s personality. It is an 

important piece along with photo frames in creating a character in the home. it could assist in igniting conversations with visitors and create a particular mood. An artwork could serve as a focal point in a room. Every room in a house should have a focal point that sets the mood and prepare your mind of what to expect… It could be a colour palette, a painting, artwork or any other item that could converge the focus of visitors. Size is very important here so your piece shouldn’t be too big or too small to produce just the required effect.

Since it affects mood it could also be used to set the mood for a specific event.


Someone one said As shoes are to the feet, so are rugs to a room, I completely agree with this analogy. Apart from the benefits of reducing noise and warming the home, rugs have an important benefit of setting the mood of a room. Other important benefits of a rug to the decor of a room includes; Brightening up dark rooms, a rug could split a room up into sections and create a colour theme for each section. It could also serve as an invitation to guests, it increases safety and reduces the stress of cleaning. The importance of a rug cannot be over stated. 

And in choosing a rug many factors need to be taken into consideration depending on individuals need such as type, material, colour , style, presence of children and so on.

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