Famous Interior Design Offices In Egypt

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It’s not difficult to see why Egypt is a popular destination for interior designers. With its ancient architecture and stunning landscapes, the country provides plenty of inspiration for creating beautiful spaces. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most famous interior design offices in Egypt.

Sky Design

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The sky design company is an Egyptian interior and furniture design company established in 2001 by David Khalil. They have a showroom in Cairo where they display their work and the latest collection of fabrics, handcrafted furnitu,re, lighting and accessories. Projects include restaurants,, bars, offices and villas across all over Egypt.

Fine Decor Group

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Fine Decor Group is one of the best interior design offices working on important projects including hotel renovations like Movenpick Hotel in Aswan and many others. The group has branches specialized in specific fields such as civil works for buildings, industrial designs and fashion designing. Additionally, there are several international partners cooperating with this group to make it more luxurious such as Tönnjes (Germany) which specializes in lighting systems. Fine Decor Group is always striving to achieve the best, for example, they are currently working on the renovation of one of the most important buildings in Egypt-The Egyptian Museum.

Omega Workshops

Omega furniture workshops was established in 2007 by Omar El-Safty who wanted to offer unique pieces which capture beauty and durability at their finest. Their pieces aren’t your average designer furniture; each design is created from scratch with stunning results. For instance, you’ll find an industrial chandelier made from metal tubes coming out of a polished concrete fixture or simple but refined laminated wooden benches that are modern yet timeless. You can view these interesting designs up close at their shop near Cairo Opera House.

Egyptian Glass House

Egyptian glass house is one of the unique interior design offices working to strengthen the relationship between architecture and decoration through offering high quality interior design services, from initial concept to final implementation. The founders have years of The experience as interior designers as well as architects which makes their work precise and detailed. In general, they seek to provide all kinds of services for commercial buildings like hotels, banks, malls and offices with an added focus on residential projects.

Elegancia Design Group

Elegancia is another remarkable company that believes in luxury designs with shapes and materials that are built to last. The company has a wide range of services including architectural design, interior decoration and art direction as well as furniture, lighting and accessories production.


It is not an easy task to choose the best interior design offices for you. You need to be very careful and make sure that they understand your needs and will help you with what you want. If we were in your shoes, it would be a tough decision too! However, if we had to pick one of these interior design offices(and this is only based on their portfolio), our vote would go to one of those given above. They have done some incredible work over the years and helped many people transform their homes into something beautiful that reflects who they are as individuals.

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