Bedroom Setting Ideas For A Tiny House

bedroom ideas

You may be living in the lap of luxury now, but someday you might need to downsize. If so, your bedroom is one space where you can easily make a big difference with just a little effort.

Your current bedroom has lots of room for furniture and decorations that might not fit into your smaller quarters. Plus, if you start now with some simple changes, by the time it becomes necessary to move you’ll already have a bedroom setting just as you want it!

Here are six ideas for making your tiny bedroom setting feel like home.

  1. Keep colors light; dark colors will make the room seem even smaller than it is.
  2. Use natural textures like wood or wicker rather than plastic or metal surfaces.
  3. Print out some nature pictures, blow them up on your computer and mount them in frames to use as wall art.
  4. Use light colors for bedding. If you have a futon or other convertible furniture, the coverings can be easily changed when it’s time to move.
  5. A comfy chair with throw pillows is great for reading or watching TV. Extra-large throw pillows can also be placed side by side on the floor to serve as a basic couch for guests.
  6. Consider using space underneath the bed for extra storage. A couple of storage bins are enough to make a difference.

Add some extra glam in your bedroom setting

Setting Ideas
  1. Fill a small bookshelf up with tiny vases, paints, and other knickknacks.
  2. Don’t forget some candles.
  3. To add a touch of style, hang a small picture frame on the wall near your bed.
  4. It’s also recommended to have some colorful fabric sheets and pillows in different sizes that can be swapped out depending on your mood or if you’re having company over.
  5. Find a really large mirror to hang on your wall. Voilà, you have a small but glam bedroom setting!
  6. Turn the ceiling into your very own canvas. You can use glow-in-the-dark paint or paint that reflects light from sunlight or LEDs for this effect. This is best done in a dark room so it’s more noticeable at night.
  7. Hang a chandelier above your bed made out of string lights and tiny paper lanterns dyed different shades of purple, pink, red, and blue.
  8. For something with a rustic feel, place some chairs, an old rug, and several boho pillows on the floor facing away from your bed. If you’re feeling lazy one day just lie down on these pillows and bask in the sun through your window.


Setting Ideas

Tiny houses are all the rage these days. Whether you’re looking to downsize or live a more minimalist lifestyle, there is no denying that tiny homes can be an excellent option for living with less. However, before jumping into this new way of life, it may be helpful to take some time and think through your bedroom setting ideas in order to maximize space efficiency while also ensuring that you have enough storage space for clothes and other items.

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