Bedroom Colors for Different Age Groups

A bedroom with a bed and a mirror in a room

We all have a room in our house that we call “home”. It is the one place where you can be yourself without having to worry about what others think of your choices. Your home should be an extension of who you are, no matter how old you are. This article will show some different bedroom colors based on age group. 

The teenage boy room

A living room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a table

Teens boys need their space and privacy, so it is important to give them their room that they feel comfortable in with things they enjoy. Good bedroom colors for this age group would be black or dark blue because these colors have been shown to help teens sleep more soundly at night which helps them stay healthy and happy throughout the day as well as give them their personal space to enjoy.

The college girl room

A vase of flowers sitting on a bed

This girl is growing up and becoming more of her person by embracing who she is and what her interests are. For the college girl, it is good to let them express themselves through their decor choices because this helps them focus on learning since there will be no distractions in the room like cute posters or pictures hung onto walls for all the world to see. Good bedroom colors for this age group would be pastels that help keep it calm during study time but also give your daughter some privacy if other guests are visiting her room while she’s studying.

The adult male room

Now that you’re an adult, you have a family of your own and a house to take care of so it is important for you to have adult bedroom colors in your room. One great color to use is green since this color helps promote balance and productivity which is what you need during the day when taking care of your household responsibilities.

The adult female room

If you made it through college, then congratulations on achieving one of the most important milestones in life! Now that you finally have some time alone, why not decorate a room in your house with flowers or other items that make you relax? Letting loose a little bit every once in a while helps make sure all systems are “go” at work and school, so don’t be afraid to express yourself by decorating with bedroom colors that put you in the best mood.

The senior citizen room

This color scheme is for family members, especially older adults who might need help around the house. Brightly colored items are good because they help with mental wellness since it helps them remember things like where objects are placed in the room or what day it is if their medication means that they can’t remember certain details. 


Different age groups have different needs when it comes to bedroom colors. Children are drawn towards bright colors, while adults tend to gravitate towards cooler tones. The way you decorate your bedroom can reflect who occupies the space and what they want out of their room. If yours is a shared space for children or teenagers, then try using more vibrant colors like pink or purple which will help them feel more at home in an unfamiliar environment. A master bedroom with two people living there may be better served by soft blues and greens that give off a calming effect- perfect for winding down after a long day!

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