Art Exhibitions All Over The World -

Art Exhibitions All Over The World

Art Exhibitions All Over The World

Museums and art exhibitions bring about the cultural vibes of a society. From London to California to Brooklyn and Berlin, there are a number of thoughtful and associative art exhibitions. That is, indeed, worth looking forward too.

Art Exhibitions Thriving Across The Globe

The National Gallery Of Art: Artist Of Renaissance

A master painter of North America, Jacopo Tintoretto never received much recognition during his working days. But now it seems like, his art is everything one wants to talk about. Furthermore, it is in celebration of his birthday that, The National Gallery of Art was established. The exhibition of his paintings first started in Venice. In it’s US debut, close to 50 paintings and about 12 drawings were put up. The gallery boosted and encouraged the widespread growth of Venetian artists and their paintings.

Art Exhibitions All Over The World
Art Exhibitions All Over The World

Noteworthy Work: The Madonna of the Treasurers.  (1567)

Getty Centre: Artist Photographer

At one point of civilization, the camera was an infant. There were very few people who mastered the art of photography. That includes London – based Oscar Rejlander. Furthermore, his contribution to photography is noteworthy. In the National Gallery of Canada, art lovers can see the results of Rejlander’s work. The Getty Centre will also host an exhibition celebrating the efforts of various pioneers of photography.

Noteworthy Work: The Expressions of the Emotions in Man and Animals: In collaboration with Charles Darwin (1872)

Legion Of Honor Museum

The Legion Of Honor Museum in San Francisco organizes a show with more than 50 paintings of Peter Paul Rubens. Rubens, a superstar from the very beginning of his career created a body of work that moves away from the shackles of European aristocracy. His larger than life-sized paintings achieved recognition from the early 17th century ( 1609 – 1621).

Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Museum, famous for it’s black and white art exhibitions, carry out an exhibition of Garry Winogrand occasionally. In fact, the photography includes lush color and patterns portraying society, family, teens, and everything that lies in between. With a retro feel journeying back to the ’80s, the exhibition is worth looking forward too. In the year 2019, the Brooklyn museum plans on dedicating an exhibition entirely to Winigrand’s color photography. The photographs are projected on slides. There are more than 500 images displayed.

Art Institute Of Chicago: Manet And Modern Beauty

Art Exhibitions All Over The World
Art Exhibitions All Over The World

In a group of artists, Eduardo Manet is preferably the greatest portrait artist of the 19th century. His portraits include that of friends, models, and strangers. Also, artistic qualities are more inclined towards the paintings of women. Critics have dissected his masterpieces for over 200 years. Although his famous artworks are exhibited all over the world, the Art Institute Of Chicago plans on putting up a show with all 54 paintings and 90 works in total. Some may even find a permanent spot in the gallery. In addition, the paintings, letters, and notes that Manet sent to his friends and family will also attract the art and history lovers. People who love art must visit this place.

Noteworthy Painting: Olympia

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