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7 Home Decor Ideas For A Modern Home

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You may have a modern home that’s appealing to the core. But what if it looks boring or dull at times? Luckily, you can take the old decor out and replace it with something on-trend. You can also use that empty space in your home and adorn it with exciting home decor. Take help of these decorating ideas and enliven any space in no time.

Create A Reading Spot

A living room filled with furniture and a box on a table

Homeowners who love reading can create a cozy reading spot in the corner of their living room. If you have an empty space in the living area, place a bean bag, and set up a bookshelf. Alternatively, you can use a sofa where you can also lounge. A simple table instead of a bookshelf will also do the trick. Also, if you already have a bookshelf, make it look exciting by grouping books using a color scheme as well as adding decor accents such as flower vases.

Decorate The Dining Table 

A dining table and chairs

Whether you use the dining table or not, decorate it to improve the overall appearance of the dining area. If you have a bare wooden table set, add a rustic touch to it by placing small pots with white flowers and ferns. You can also place a vintage tablecloth or placemats. Placing mini lanterns, mason jars with candles, or wooden baskets is another way to achieve a subtle rustic vibe.

Opt For A Canopy

Make your bedroom royal by setting up a canopy. Hang a lightweight white fabric on the bed or go for heavy and extravagant velvet. Once you have installed the canopy, give it some flair with the help of fairy lights, embellishments, etc. You can create the bed of your dreams by designing the bed using vintage, boho chic, or modern home decor items of choice.

Use Candles As Home Decor

Nothing can beat candles when it comes to decorating a place in the most affordable way possible. This home decor item can spruce up almost any space without putting in much effort. Some ways to utilize candles as decor are:

  • Place candles inside lanterns and keep them on the kitchen island. 
  • Opt for candle holders and place them on the dining table to make it more welcoming.
  • Place decorative candles on a stylish tray along with a mini planter. This decor idea works great for coffee cables. 
  • Keep different colored candles in a shallow bowl and place the bowl on the dresser or bedside table.
  • For decorating the bathroom with candles, place ball candles on a table near the bathtub or place scented candles near the sink. 

Don’t Forget The Fireplace Mantel

The fireplace area doesn’t have to be boring. Spruce up the fireplace area by adorning the mantel with accents such as mini flower pots, vases, candles, or photo frames. You can also install an oversized mirror on the wall above the mantle or opt for something like a gallery wall. Don’t forget to place a vintage-inspired or faux fur rug near the fireplace. 

Prefer Nature

Natural decor elements like plants can enliven your home while refreshing the indoor air. If you have much empty space in the living area or hallway, keep big flower pots there. Lacking space? No problem as hanging plant containers will serve the purpose. You can also keep small flower pots near the kitchen window. 

Consider A Gallery Wall

Do your walls look lackluster? Spruce them up by creating a gallery wall. You can set up different sized mirrors on the wall or hang antique frames. One can also use a mix of acrylic stickers, clocks, wooden symbols, and photo frames on the gallery wall.

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