12 Designers That Will Change The Way You See Interior Décor

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When you think about interior décor, what comes to mind? It probably isn’t bright colors and wild patterns. Maybe it’s the idea of more neutral tones and modern furniture that makes you think of home. However, ask yourself: how often do we come across average interiors that just blend in with the wall and lack any character? Have you ever asked yourself why they aren’t more special or daring?

The truth is, many designers are so afraid of overstepping boundaries that they forget to push the norm and create something new, exciting and truly unique. That is where these twelve designers step in – to help us rediscover our passion for decoration by shaking things up a bit.

Without further adieu, we present 12 of the most interesting, creative and different interior designers you shouldn’t miss.

Caroline Gervais

Interior Décor

Caroline Gervais is a Canadian designer who focuses on simplicity and uses light as an important part of her décor process. She also loves to mix modern pieces with more traditional ones, creating a unique design that breaks away from the norm.

Kayla Arena 

Interior Décor

Kayla Arena is a Toronto-based interior designer who plays around with different shapes and structures to create innovative designs that turn your average interior into an artistic work of art.

Cody Foster

Cody Foster If you love contemporary décor but crave something more natural at the same time, you’ll love what Cody Foster has to offer. His designs incorporate bold colors and natural materials to create the perfect balance of modern meets nature.

Brett Design And Build

Brett Design And Build This team is based in Denver, Colorado and offers a wide array of different design services that can be tweaked to fit everyone’s needs. They focus on eco-friendly furniture whenever possible and believe that every room should feel special and bring you joy.

Luna Maria Romero

Luna Maria Romero For the more eccentric among us, Luna Maria Romero is needed in your life right now! She specializes in creating unique interior décor pieces using old objects with unusual textures. Her work feels loose yet rustic at the same time – perfectly imperfect.

Studio BrichetZ

Studio BrichetZ If you love contemporary structures and modern furniture, Studio BrichetZ is your go-to designer! This team specializes in interior architecture and has assisted many different companies over the years. Their work is bold and refreshing, helping make each living space feel like a dream come true.

Stonehill Design Company

Stonehill Design Company Here’s another one of those firms that loves to mix modern with natural for an interesting spin on home décor. Their designs are fun yet elegant, creative yet comforting – they will definitely help you “WOW” everyone who visits your home.

Mina Tindle

Mina Tindle is a designer from Israel who wants to take you along on a journey, starting from the moment people enter your home. Her work is colorful and vibrant, making each interior feel alive and magical.

Tanya Aguiñiga

Tanya Aguiñiga If you’ve ever wanted to add a little bit of Mexico to your life, you’ll definitely want to check out Tanya Aguiñiga’s designs. She specializes in handmade furniture made from wood that will bring a rustic touch into any home.

Janie Hirsch & Co

Janie Hirsch & Co This unique design company focuses solely on creating high-quality lighting for all types of homes. The team here puts in extra effort to ensure each fixture is original, beautiful and completely one-of-a-kind.

Easton Interior Design And Architecture

Easton Interior Design And Architecture You’ll want to check out what this design company has to offer if you’re tired of seeing the same old décor everywhere you go. The team here believes that each home should have furniture pieces that are both functional and artistic, helping it stand out from everyone else’s boring designs.

Studio Carnet

Studio Carnet If you feel like your home lacks personality or you can’t find anything interesting no matter how much you search, Studio Carnet might be the perfect designer for you. They specialize in combining different objects together to create unique decorative pieces, no matter how strange or unusual they may be.


And there you have it – the 12 best interior design firms to come out! These different companies are all unique and specialize in various forms of décor, ensuring that you’ll find something interesting for your home no matter what.

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